Session 1: Arrival

15 Mirtul, The Year of The Ageless One

The party, hired on as guards to defend the caravan of a dwarf named Bartren, approached the city of Neverwinter.
The caravan was ambushed by Ash zombies, charging forth and attacking the caravan. The heroes repelled the attack and made it safely to the gates of Neverwinter.
Upon entering the city, they were granted an audience with Lord Neverember, Lord Protector of the city. He and his addled mayor Soman Galt greeted the party and warmly welcomed them.
While exploring their new home, the heroes were ambushed by a group of locals calling themselves the Sons of Alagondar. After killing a few of their number, the party chased off the remaining rebels.

Seeking work, the party headed to the Wall, where they met General Sabine, commander of Neverember’s Mintarn Mercenaries. Sabine let the party over the wall, where they slew several plaguechanged monsters before retreating from the seemingly endless horde.
After a long day, the party headed to the Moonstone Mask, the city’s largest inn. Though the place was swarming with Mintarn, Liset Cheldar the innkeeper was able to find them lodging on the third floor. As they ate supper, they noticed a cloaked figure watching them. Before they could react, however, another shorter cloaked figure walked up and broke his nose. Both fled the bar before the party could react.

During the night, the party was plagued with strange dreams…



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