Session 10: The Battle of the Winged Wyvern

20 Mirtul, The Year of the Ageless One

The party was woken by the sounds of battle. Roland and Illivara came out of their room to find the Leviathan under attack by Ash Zombies. Hannah and Bliss found the Moonstone Mask all but deserted, and ran into the streets to help the Mintarn, who were under attack by a group of Skeletal warriors.

With the help of the Cormyran Knight, Harrag, and Tilda the waitress, Sir Roland and Illivara were able to repel the brief assault. Seeing fighting across the bay, the two grabbed a ferry and made it across, just in time to help Bliss and Hannah take out the Skeletons besieging the Moonstone Mask. The Mintarn warned that more seemed to be coming from the Winged Wyvern bridge.

The party met up with another group of Mintarn and launched into combat with a much larger group of undead, led by what was clearly a Red Wizard of Thay. Battling zombies of their raised allies, the heroes cut their way to the Necromancer and slew him. The Mintarn force was all but decimated, leaving only their caster alive. Indeed, had it not been for the intervention of a mysterious Drow, the whole group may have fallen to Thayan arrows. But the heroes emerged triumphant and ran at full tilt to the Winged Wyvern.

Approaching the bridge, they joined the defenders there in repelling the monsters surging from the river and from across in the Blacklake District. Exhibiting perfect timing, General Sabine and a huge force of Mintarn, accompanied by Saul Tyrell, arrived just as the zombies fell.

As the soldiers attempted to secure the bridge, a huge surge of undead came from the south graveyard, engaging the bulk of Neverember’s troops. The party, however, along with Sabine and her elite guard, faced down a new terror on the bridge: Valindra Shadowmantle, reincarnated and thirsty for bloody revenge.

As the Neverwinter force met the zombies blow for blow, Valindra pulled an ace out of her sleeve: a Young Blue Dragon, whose lightning tore through the Mintarn like a scythe through wheat. The heroes were resolute, however, and as Sabine fell to the dragon’s claw they redoubled their efforts and drove the Lich and her pet from the bridge.

As the smoke cleared, many lay dead and Sabine lay wounded. A mighty blow had been struck against the forces of Neverwinter, but thanks to the heroes, the city had not fallen.

The next day, Lord Neverember held another conference in an attempt to unite the people following the terrible attack. The party went to Mayor Galt for a reward for their efforts, and found him in a meeting with Mordai Vell and many other concerned nobles offering Neverember their aid. After much patient waiting, the party recieved a writ from Galt and went to the Tarmalune Trade House to receive their reward from Len-Jes the dockmaster. Hannah also went to pick up her armour, along with a brand new breastplate!

The group went to the Leviathan to meet with the Cormyran knight. She introduced herself as Lady Greenmantle, and explained that she was in town to open trade routes between Cormyr and Neverwinter. In light of recent events, however, she felt compelled to return to her homeland and report before making any concrete arrangements. She thanked the party for their time, and assured them that, should Cormyr ever need assistance, she would call upon them with a handsome reward.

As she left to collect her belongings, the party was startled by the appearance of a youth at the door, shouting about a huge fight going on outside. The party raced to investigate…



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