Session 2: The Many-Arrows Orcs

16 Mirtul, The Year of the Ageless One

While exploring the city, the party noticed the small cloaked figure stalking them once more. Sneaking up on him, they attacked, revealing it to be Fredegar Brockhouse, a halfling with a badly scarred face. Fredegar was revealed to be a Harper Agent, who was working with his colleagues out of the House of a Thousand Faces to restore Neverwinter as a force for good.

The group decided to explore the River District. As they searched the ruins, they were promptly ambushed by a large group of orcs. Though the party fought valiantly, they eventually fell before superior numbers.

The orcs took the bound and helpless party to Vansi, chieftain of the Orcs living in Neverwinter. When it was revealed that the orcs attacked unprovoked, breaking the truce between the citizens of Neverwinter, Vansi killed the interloping lieutenant and released the party. After apologizing profusely, Vansi offered an invitation to the Fallen Tower, the orc tavern, and the evening “Magic Show.”

The party returned to the enclave to nurse their wounds, and decided to meet up with their allies at the wall.

It is now 2 pm…



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