Session 3: Castle Never

16 Mirtul continued…

After meeting up with Bliss, the party visited the Beached Leviathan, a ramshackle tavern on the Shattered Docks. Harrag, the innkeeper, was very friendly, and they told him all about their stay.

Feeling adventurous, the party entered the long-deserted courtyard of the ruined Castle Never. After scouting out the grounds, they entered a mid-sized building off from the main castle. The building proved to be a barracks, where the castle guards of old Neverwinter would eat, sleep, and train. After retrieving a few small artifacts, the party was attacked by some powerful ghosts. The restless dead chased the party from the castle.

As the group caught their breath they were confronted by a particular nasty member of the Mintarn, who tried to provoke them from horseback. The group was having none of it and chased him away. When they tried to cross the river, however, he and a group of soldiers tried to extort a toll from the party. After Mitchell Fletcher, the asshole from earlier, made some less-than-gentlemanly attempts at courtship, the ladies in the party shut him down right quick and threatened their way past.

The party went to the Wall, where they met Durham Shaw, the spell-scarred Captain of the Wall. Though he was uncommunicative, he invited them for dinner at the House of Knowledge. There they met a group of homeless people living in harmony, who welcomed them by the fire.

As they made their way through the enclave, they noticed a suspicious figure in a long gray cloak. They followed the person in secret to the Driftwood Tavern. They saw some strange sights there, including the assistant barkeep drowning a trapped rat.

The party went to the Fallen Tower, witnessed the “Magic Show”, and had an incredible party (by some people’s estimation). The party drunkenly stumbled back to the Moonstone Mask, where Mitchell Fletcher and his buddies were quite drunk as well. Illivara, in an attempt to distract him while she stole his purse, went to bite his ear. She bit too hard, however, taking a huge chunk out of it. After fleeing upstairs with the purse, they retired to bed.

The dreams followed them again long into the night…



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