Session 5: Into the Chasm

18 Mirtul, the Year of the Ageless One

The party awoke to an investigation: there had been a murder in the night. After answering a few of Sabine’s questions, the party left unhindered.

The heroes decided it was time to venture into the Chasm District to recover Varden’s titles and possessions. Battling their way through waves of plaguechanged, they finally found the ruins of Varden’s family home. Once they had recovered the deeds, along with several small heirlooms, the party made haste back to the Protector’s Enclave.

Lou Varden was infinitely grateful, who let the party keep most of the trinkets they had gathered. Madame Rosene bought many of them for a pretty penny. The party celebrated their success with a hearty lunch at the Driftwood.



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