Session 6: The Lost Heir

18 Mirtul continued…

The group dropped into Vellguard Manor at the invitation of the lord, Mordai Vell. The charming Tiefling noble welcomed them to the city. He knew quite a bit about each of them, but did not appear hostile. He offered to pay them well for any information on Neverember’s doings. He also offered to pay them for any information on the Prophet Rohini, who he seemed very interested in. In addition, he assured them that any rumours they had heard about Devil-worship in the Blacklake District were false.

The party stopped by the main market by the Tarmalune Trade House. Illivara recognized the tattoos on a human merchant by the name of Clorde, revealing him as a Bregan D’aerthe agent. As they browsed the wares of the market, the ground began to shake. Without warning, up from the sewers erupted a force of plaguechanged maniacs who began attacking the innocent townspeople. The heroes lept to their defense.

As the battle continued, a strange figure suddenly joined the fray: a warrior in full armor, his helm’s beaver down, wielding a huge sword and heavy shield. On top of his sat a remarkable artifact: the Crown of Neverwinter, thought lost in the Cataclysm. Proclaiming himself the Lost Heir, he rushed into the fray, and with his help the party made short work of the plaguechanged.

Just as things were thinning, however, a new threat approached: a massive plaguechanged White Dragon landed in the square and began a fresh assault. The Lost Heir fought hard with the party, and eventually unleashed a Spellscar in an attempt to hinder the beast. As the party rounded up the Dragon, cornering it on the fountain, the Heir cast a powerful spell. The giant Dragon was turned to stone.

As the crowd erupted into chaotic cheers, the Heir disappeared down the docks. The party went to the Driftwood to reflect on events. Illivara made an appointment to meet with Clorde to report on her findings thus far. The whole of the city was abuzz with gossip and news of the return of this Lost Heir…



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