Session 7: Valindra Shadowmantle

18 Mirtul continued…

The group met Clorde at the House of a Thousand Faces. He led them to the Drow Encampment in the Castle Never courtyard. Someone was already there: Drizzt Do’Urden, legendary Drow warrior and friend to Bregan D’aerthe. After making her report to Clorde, Illivara was tasked with thwarting the interests of Thay in the region: the necromancers behind the undead disturbances in the Neverwinter Wood and possibly Neverdeath Graveyard. Clorde took his leave.

The party swapped stories with Drizzt and even sparred with him, learning a few new tricks. Eager for some real combat, the party convinced Drizzt to accompany them to Neverdeath to investigate the undead threat. Shouldering Taulmaril, Drizzt came along.

Sir Roland badmouthed a few Mintarn guards, but eventually entered the graveyard. They were immediately confronted with Skeletons, raised from the graveyard. As they got deeper in, they found a particular crypt that the undead seemed particularly interested in. Putting down the guards outside, they left Drizzt to guard the entrance while they investigated beneath the crypt.

Inside they found a disturbing sight: a powerful Thayan lich named Valindra Shadowmantle, scouring the crypt for something. Surrounding the party with her zombies, Valindra punched her way through the party, nearly mortally wounding many of them. As the heroes battled the zombies, they heard an enormous explosion outside.

Rushing to the surface, they found the entire portion of the graveyard leveled by a massive explosion. The lich stood over the body of Drizzt, but she herself was brutally wounded. The party swarmed her, and in a last ditch effort she summoned an illusory dragon to scare off the party. The heroes blades would not be turned, however. The lich Valindra fell under their steel.

Reviving Drizzt, the party left the graveyard, uncomfortable in the knowledge that, though Valindra had fallen, her phylactery was out there somewhere…



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