Session 8: The Morning After

19 Mirtul, The Year of the Ageless One

After drinks at the Driftwood and sleeping at their various inns, the party arose to find Lord Neverember holding audience at the Hall of Justice. The citizens wanted answers as to how Neverember would respond to this Lost Heir’s appearance. He entreated that people return to business as usual, and implored the Lost Heir to reveal himself so that the city may thank him for his contribution at the market.

The party decided to investigate themselves. Returning to the scene of the battle, the heroes interviewed several bystanders. Eventually they were directed to a halfling youngster named Ecil, who led them on a desperate chase. They caught her and terrorized her, eventually charming her with magic, making her lead them to where she saw the Heir. She led them to an alleyway, where the Heir disappeared before Ecil had been jumped by giant rats. They told Ecil to return home, and she did so in a daze.

The party opened a manhole at the end of the alley and ventured into the sewer. They fought off some disgusting Drowners and began the search for the Heir’s trail. They found a cache of stolen goods, as well as evidence of a summoning circle.

As the sun crested the city above, the heroes below began scouring deeper into the sewer for answers…



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