Session 9: Terror in the Sewer

19 Mirtul continued…

The party ran into Captain Shaw of the Mintarn, who was searching for a monster who had burrowed beneath the wall. He sent one of his soldiers to investigate the summoning circle, and the party went on searching for the Heir. Following the trail of a rat, they wound deeper into the sewers under Blacklake.

Eventually they came upon a group of Wererats, lying in wait for them. Diving at the gangsters from the shadows, the party and the lycanthropes clashed in a fierce battle. As soon as the tide turned against the Wererats, they turned tail and fled. The party managed to kill one of them, but it wore a strange skull necklace that erupted into a massive explosion, destroying the body.

The party headed to the surface and told Fredegar about all they had seen and heard. Fredegar seemed quite upset. They then went to the wall to investigate the monster Shaw was hunting. They met Sir Ambring, a dwarf knight of Old Neverwinter and friend to Sir Roland. With the knight in tow, they headed to the sewer to find and assist Captain Shaw.

They feared themselves too late when they found the corpse of Shaw’s dead soldier. When they did find Shaw and his other comrade, the party discovered them to be thralls to the horrible monster they were tracking: a plaguechanged Umber Hulk. During the fight, Sir Ambring fell to the creature’s hypnotic gaze, though the party was able to free Captain Shaw of it’s domination. With the help of his spellscar, the party was able to carve into the Umber Hulk, eventually bringing it low. But not before the monster (and Bliss’ rapier) critically injured Hannah, damaging her armour.

Durham Shaw was extremely grateful, and paid them a hefty sum for their assistance. The partied pried off some of the hide of the beast, while draining its blood and removing an eye. They brought the corpse through the sewers to the Tarmalune Trade House, where Hannah made arrangements with Aothir the Blacksmith to have her armour repaired.

The party went to the Beached Leviathan to much accolade. Roland and Illivara engaged in a drinking contest and remained at the bar to sleep it off, but not before Sir Roland made some very disparaging remarks about the “Lord Pretender” and his Mintarn. A Purple Dragon of Cormyr was staying at the inn, and invited them to come speak with her in the morning when they were sober: she had a job opportunity for them. Hannah and Bliss returned to the Moonstone Mask. All four spent a restless night in their separate inns.



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