Dagult Neverember

Open Lord of Waterdeep and Lord Protector of Neverwinter.


A commanding and charismatic noble, Lord Dagult Neverember is the Open Lord of Waterdeep and the self-styled Lord Protector of Neverwinter. Two years ago he came with the Mintarn Mercenaries to help restore Neverwinter’s defenses and rebuild its former glory. A man of no small influence, he brings much commerce to the city, and with his Mintarn force has restored order to nearly half the city.

This position of influence has made him many enemies, however. Many see him as borderline tyrannical, and resent the way he inserted himself into a position of power. The Mintarn are considered by some to be little more than sellsword thugs, though few will claim as such in their presence. Many believe that Neverember should step down, or at least establish a more diplomatic system of government. Rebel cells have formed to actively combat his control. Despite his critics and detractors, however, none can deny the effect he has had on the resettlement of Neverwinter.

Lord Neverember has long maintained that, once Neverwinter has been rebuilt, he will relinquish control over the government and send the Mintarn back to Waterdeep. Despite this position, he does not seem likely to abdicate any time soon. He sees his work as far from finished, and indeed the constant dangers facing the city seem to prove him right. But his ambitions do not seem to stop at Lord Protector. Neverember has gone so far as to claim Royal lineage. He has identified himself as a descendant of the Alagondar line, and though he has yet to uncover substantial proof of this allegation, none have been able to debunk it. Though he seems confident in his alleged birthright, he does not push it for fear of inciting his critics.

Whether he is a champion of order or a tyrant in the making, one thing is certain: Lord Neverember is a force to be reckoned with.

Dagult Neverember

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