Tag: Tarmalune Trade House


  • Aothir

    A portly, red-bearded dwarf. Considers himself to be of Delzoun blood. He originally game to Neverwinter seeking a path to Gauntlgrym, but was clearly unsuccessful. For now, he has set up an armourers shop outside the Tarmalune Trade House. His goods are …

  • Jarvy

    A halfling vendor at the Docks Marketplace, he sells pies, tarts, fruit, and knick-knacks. He has delusions of Bardic Significance, and tells raucous tales about the city. He is an excellent source of rumours and local gossip.

  • Nagda (deceased)

    A brawny half-orc, she works on the docks selling weapons. She deals primarily in blades, hammers, and maces. Her products are cruder than most, but sturdy and dangerous. Her body is covered in Uthgardt tattoos. Nagda was a secret Harper agent, though …