A city torn asunder rises from the ashes…

The Jewel of the North. The City of Skilled Hands. These were the titles the peoples of Faerun heaped upon the city of Neverwinter. In a wild and savage North, Neverwinter stood as a beacon of civilization, outlasting invasions, famine, disease, and the Spellplague’s fury.

But, as the ancients and the ages so often exemplify, nothing lasts forever.

In 1452 DR, Mount Hotenow, thought to be a dormant volcano, exploded. The people of Neverwinter paid no heed to the lingering prophecies, the rising quakes, the warnings of history. And for their foolhardiness, the city perished in fire and ash. What was not destroyed was ruined beyond compare. Cracks were wrent in the earth. The dead rose as Ashen zombies, laying waste to the unlucky few who fled to the forest. Not all died that day, but the Jewel of the North was crippled beyond imagining.

Now, 27 years later, Neverwinter is awakening once more. Powers from all over the world have come to get their hands on the city, and as the region struggles to new life, people return to the broken land.

The year is 1479 dale reckoning, the fifteenth day of the month of Mirtul. Spring is in full force, with the last of the snows all but melted away. You have, for one reason or another, joined up with a caravan bound for the North, bringing supplies and food from Waterdeep to the Jewel of the North. You are among the many drawn to this new frontier. The future of Neverwinter rests on people like you: forge it as you see fit.

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