Mordai Vell

Charismatic Tiefling Noble


A tall dark tiefling, with an enormous smile and luminous gold eyes. Dressing in the finest robes with a ceremonial dagger tucked into his sash, he is the picture of frontier wealth and confidence.

Supremely confident and dripping with charisma, he is seen by many in the Blacklake district as a civic leader. Some speculate that he aspires to the throne in Neverwinter, and some openly support this option. To some, anyone is better than Neverember.

Mordai Vell has been very active in welcoming the party to the city. He appears to carry an agenda of his own, and has offered to pay the party for any news of Neverember’s movements and schemes.

In addition, he has asked the party, on a personal level, to put in a good word for him with General Sabine and the Prophet Rohini, should they encounter her. Rumour has it he has also made overtures to Liset Cheldar, proprietor of the Moonstone Mask. He seems to be quite the romantic.

Mordai Vell

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