Valindra Shadowmantle

Dark Lich of Thay.


The decrepit leader of Thay’s forces in Neverwinter, she has been an unseen presence in the area for some time. Not seen in the region for nearly fifteen years, she has recently emerged once more, causing much dismay in the City.

Strong-willed, ambitious, vengeful and ruthless, she seems to stop at nothing to accomplish her goals. She seems dangerously unstable, and has proven a perilous enemy.

Though her forces seem to be working from within Neverwinter Wood, undead sightings in the Neverdeath graveyard spurred the party to uncover her secret influence there. With the help of legendary Drow warrior Drizzt Do-Urden, the party was able to defeat Valindra. It did not take her long to reincarnate however, and turned her rage at the heroes on the City itself. Launching a massive assault on the streets of Neverwinter, her forces raged through the Protector’s Enclave and Blacklake District. With the help of the party, however, the Mintarn were able to turn her and her undead monstrosities back to wherever they came from.

In addition to her exceptional Arcane prowess and Necromantic abilites, she appears to excise an unnatural control over Dragons, both illusory and material. The unsettling nature of this ability need not be elaborated upon.

At some point in the past, Bregan D’aerthe had dealings with the Lich, with Kimmuriel Oblodra himself being involved in her affairs. Clearly that alliance has turned in some way, as Bregan D’aerthe has made thwarting the efforts of Thay the chief focus of its most trusted agents.

Valindra Shadowmantle

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