Vansi Bloodscar

Orc Chieftain


The leader of the Orc expedition from the Kingdom of Many-Arrows, her scouting party was the first to approach Neverwinter following the Cataclysm. Though her orders were merely to investigate the disaster, she quickly claimed the streets of the River District as her tribe’s rightful dominion. She is ferocious, even for an orc, and very deadly. In spite of her brutish outlook, she is governed with a strong sense of honor.

Settling in Neverwinter was in direct violation of her orders from King Obould. Since settling, however, the occupation has proved lucrative for the Kingdom from both a monetary and diplomatic standpoint. Vansi Bloodscar’s initiative and speedy consolidation has brought her much favor with her Goblinoid King.

Vansi has recently developed a Spellscar. She uses it to exercise control over her underlings, and sees it as a boon rather than a curse.

Vansi Bloodscar

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